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I love working on projects that can make a difference in other’s lives and express my creativity at the same time. Learning the techniques of One Stroke has allowed me to do just that.

I first observed One Stroke on Donna Dewberry’s show on PBS, and was amazed by her signature rose painting demonstration. I began to practice the techniques of One Stroke and wanted desperately for an opportunity to apply what I was learning on a grander scale. As luck would have it, my daughter was preparing for her debut dance recital, where she was to perform in front of 500 people. When I learned that the decorations were up to us, I knew I had found my chance! I created large signs and banners to welcome the guests using my newly acquired One Stroke techniques.

My daughter was of course wonderful, and guests also remarked on how they loved the decorations, which encouraged me to go for certification. With that complete, I approached the Somerset Arts Association about conducting a One Stroke workshop as part of their annual fund raising events. Forty artists from the Association gathered for my demonstration, and together we created three hundred paintings using the One Stroke technique during only four hours of instruction! The paintings were given as takeaway gifts for the fundraiser’s main event. The director of the SAA was thrilled with both the class and the artwork.

From there, one thing led to another and I received an offer from the local Michael’s art store to teach. Over the following year, I had a wonderful time and made many friends teaching One Stroke at Michaels! After that, I began to teach One Stroke privately. I fondly remember one student who began only painting on small canvas and glass but learned abstract and floral art and came to fill her empty wall spaces with large and beautiful works of art. She now gifts her paintings, using the techniques she learned, to all her friends.

I too present my art as gifts to my friends. I especially enjoy giving hand painted cards on holidays; I’ve sent hundreds of such cards using the same techniques I teach to others. That the cards are made especially for the occasion makes them perfect for weddings, too.

Learning One Stroke is worthwhile for artists of all levels. Recently, I had a great experience demonstrating One Stroke to three professional artists in Brentwood, California. After learning the techniques, they were very excited to incorporate them in their own work using different media. They also loved working with the flat brushes and the flow of the strokes. It has given me encouragement to schedule more demos for the future.